Game Review: Halo: Reach


Well yet another halo game has emerged. This one was out the door relatively fast compared to other Halo games so keep reading to find out what I think.

When it comes to Halo as a general rule either you are going to get it or you are not. The hardcore fans out there have already got the game, beat it, made a level, and done hours and hours of multiplayer by the time you have read this. So instead of trying to tell you if I liked it and if you should pick it up I am going to just talk about some little things that I didn’t know about going into the game that made me happy.

First off just so you all know I am a Halo junkie, I have played all the games and read all the books. As far as a game story I personally think that Halo wins. As far as story goes for the game I think it was very interesting and added to a already massive world that I get pulled into.

I was happy to find out that the game engine that Reach runs on is a new one. It looks good and less cartoony. The main reason that this made me really happy is that ODST was just a Halo 3 add on and besides adding to the story it felt rushed.

This Halo game has 4 player co-op and you all play the same character but there are different power ups that you can grab along the way to make yourself different.  also one thing that I very unique is that the first thing you do when you boot up the game is create your character.  As you play through the campaign your character is used as you, looks and voice will be different from player to player.

The massive happiness that I found out about is that the game comes with Forge, the engine that the game was made in. So there is the ability to build and put your own levels out in the world for people to play in. Feels like standard Unreal style community system.

So out of every Halo game there has been one thing in each game that pulled me in.  Here is that list for everyone so you can know what pulled m into Reach.

  • Halo:  First 3D FPS on a console that just worked.
  • Halo 2: Multiplayer awesomeness
  • Halo 3: HD graphics on a “next gen” system
  • Halo 3: ODST: The Music and sound was just amazing
  • Halo: Reach: It is all about Forge

To get a little more into forge.  There is everything you could need to make levels from vehicles and weapons to walls and standard building blocks.  You have a budget that you can use of $10,000 I believe that is so you don’t over populate the level and cause lag in a actual multiplayer game.  From what I have been doing so far in Forge I have spent about $2,000 of that and have a fairly big level made.  One thing that made me all giddy is that in the system there is a way to pinpoint coordinates for what you are placing in the world so you can make perfect looking levels if you really want to take the time to do the work.  Recah

The last thing about Forge is that you can load up a 16 player party into your forge world and just start editing.  Anyone in the game can edit any thing at any time and to test what you have done all you have to do is hit up on the D-Pad and on a individual basis you swap between create and play mode on the fly.  If you are making a level and doing it from scratch I will give you one piece of advise.  If you are making you level in the air you might want to buy the grid and place it under your level to catch things that fall down, other wise you might have to go hunt down anything that falls that you don’t want on the level anymore.

In the end it is the same as always with a Halo game.  If you are a fan you probably already have it.  With Reach I have to say Rent it if you haven’t picked it up yet and play through with a friend or two.


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