Game Review – Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Jumping, wall running, jumping some more, hanging off cliffs, swinging, dodging swinging axes, rolling under spinning blades, and scaling walls of various surface types, yes this is a Prince of Persia game. I have been told that this game follows the new movie but as I have yet to see the movie I cannot confirm this wild rumor. If its true then I don’t need to see the movie now and will never know for sure. (My daughter says “no the game is cooler than the movie” but I think she is just trying to get me to watch the movie to compare for myself.)

The graphics make for a pretty journey as you leap from place to place. The camera ranges are limited in places giving you the 2D scrolled feel. It does have the effect of keeping you on track in places like a silent hint. I personally have a slight fear of heights (it makes my knees feel like they are going to throw up) and this game does a good job making me feel like I really am in danger of falling.

Solve the puzzles, find the hidden sarcophagi, save the kingdom, and kill Solomon’s undead army along the way. Oh yeah, don’t forget to smash the vases and casks you see along the way they will help keep your health and energy up.

As you collect experience you purchase upgrades, giving you extra powers to help you achieve your goals. A stone shield, fire trail, wind vortex, and icy spikes will make short work of your enemies. The best power you get, in my opinion, is the power to rewind a short portion of time effectively giving you a do over if you miss the jump and are falling to your death. This power does have its limits so it doesn’t kill the challenge completely.

It’s not a really long game. You have your choice of easy or normal settings for your play through. I finished this game in two sittings of four to five hours each the first time through on the normal setting. If you are looking for a fairly easy platinum trophy this is a good game for it. If you check out the trophy requirements you can get the platinum in one play through. There are things you can miss. If you miss them on the first run through you will have to play again because there is no chapter select to access them.

For myself I say RENT IT. Even if you don’t have an unlimited rental pass the platinum can be had in a short time and I can’t really see myself playing it a lot after getting all the trophies.

All said If you are a fan of the Prince of Persia games and must own it you can get the PS3 version here Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands it can also be had for the XBox 360, Wii, PSP, and DS.


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