PS3 Trophy List For Def Jam Rapstar

If you’re into the music, or just tired of Karaoke Revolution, this might interest you.

At the very least, there are a LOT of quick Bronze Trophies.

Who knows, it might be fun. You might want to pour out a 40, gat some poor sucka… or…

Eh, who am I kidding? I don’t get the culture. Just not cool enough.

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Bronze Trophies

Mic Check One Two, One Two
Use an audio effect on any song in any game mode

It’s Like Showbiz
Save a video with a visual effect

Get the Party Started Right
Launch a playlist in Party mode

World Premiere
Upload a video to the Community

You Be The Judge
Rate a video on the Community

Cultivating Music
Unlock a song for the first time

Scorch The Booth
Save your first Freestyle performance

Fresh Out The Box
Complete your first Challenge in Career mode

Flawless Flow
Earn 5 microphones on any song in Career mode

It Takes Two
Perform 30 Battle or Duet performances in Party mode

Well Connected
Watch 50 videos on the Community

Hype’d Up
Save 15 recordings to My Videos

Lyrical Player Pro
Save 5 Freestyle videos

Go The Distance
Finish a playlist containing 10 or more songs

Livin’ Your Life
Play 300 performances across all game modes

Ain’t Scared to Share It
Upload 10 videos to the community

Complete Stage 1

Complete Stage 2

Complete Stage 3

Complete Stage 4

Fly High, No Lie
Complete all High Score challenges

Always On Time
Complete all Timing Challenges

It Ain’t Trickin’ If You Got It
Complete all Multiplier Challenges

Too Hot for T.V.
Complete all Platinum Power Challenges

Steady Chasin’
Complete all Endurance Challenges

Perfection is Perfected
Get 90% or above on pitch, timing, and lyrics while playing any song on HARD difficulty

Immaculately Polished
Upload an ‘Off The Chain’ performance to the Community

We Are The Best
Complete a Duet earning an ‘Off The Chain’ rating with both players on HARD difficulty

All Eyez On Me
Get at least ‘On Point’ on a Solo on EXPERT difficulty with the original vocals turned off

Stuntin’ is a Habit
Get a combined 2,000 views for all your uploaded videos

Presence of Greatness
Get an average rating of 4 stars on any video with over 200 ratings

Playa President
Perform a Duet where you score 50,000 points more than your friend

Towering Over The Competition
Perform a Battle where you score 50,000 points more than your opponent

Close Call
Win a Battle by less than 1,000 points

Chain Reaction
Get ‘Off The Chain’ rating on all songs in a playlist containing 5 or more songs

The Voice Of A Generation
Get ‘Off The Chain’ on the Solo version of Gold Digger

Rhymes Are On Time
Perform a Battle where both players hit 25 rap targets in a row, at the same time

No Competition
Win all songs in a Battle playlist containing 5 or more songs

I Keep Blowin’ Up
Activate Platinum Power 4 times in one song

I Make This Look ‘Eezy
Get at least ‘On Point’ on one song from Lil Wayne and one from Kanye West

Throwback Flow
Get at least ‘On Point’ on 5 different songs released before 1990

Rep Your City
Get at least ‘On Point’ on 5 different songs that mention a city by name

Silver Trophies

Seal the Deal
Earn the DEF JAM RAPSTAR Seal on a song

Worth Some Millions
Accumulate 10,000,000 total points across all game modes

Complete Stage 5

On The Road To Riches
Complete all Career Mode Challenges

Ain’t Nobody Dope as Me
Get a ‘DOPE’ lyric rating on every phrase in a song

Gold Trophies

Microphone Fiend!
Accumulate 305 microphones in Career mode

Get at least ‘On Point’ on 50 performances on HARD difficulty

Off The Chain
Unlock all locked content in Career mode

Platinum Trophy

Platinum Trophy
Collect every trophy in the game


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