Next Generation Playstation Portable Announced

Speculation has been running wild lately about a successor to Sony’s portable gaming platform, and today many of the rumors were laid to rest. Unfortunately, a few more questions were raised.

While not officially calling it ‘PSP 2’, the NGP or Next Generation Portable, was trotted out on a Tokyo stage with an army of developers and publishers backing it up.

Past the break, we’ll share the details as we know them.

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Game Of The Year Awards 2010

Over the last month we’ve spent a lot of time catching up on titles we missed, taking notes, and debating the virtues of our favorite titles.

It all culminates in our annual list of worthy titles.

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Product Review: PSPgo

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Game Review: Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

Star_WarsCWRHAnother game based on the animated TV series has been released. Being a huge fan of the movies and the animated series, I decided to take it for a spin on a rainy afternoon. Click through to find out what I thought of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes…

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Game Review – Mini Ninjas

mini ninjas cover

Mini Ninjas presented to us by Io Interactive, and Warner Brothers.  The game is available for the PS3, Wii, and Nintendo DS.  It has an “E” rating and a wide range of weapons?  Confused yet? I was.

Is it a questing game, is it a hack and slash, is it for adults or is it a kid’s game?  I’ll tell you what I found and how I felt about it on the other side…


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Game Review: WET (PS3,360)

WETWe have seen a lot of action games that combine acrobatics, gun play and sometimes swords. WET includes all of these elements but has a visual style that makes it stand out. Let’s take a look at WET…


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Game Review: Ghostbusters (PS3, 360)

GBustersIt is still hard for me to believe that it has been 25 years since the original Ghostbusters movie. To coincide with the anniversary the movies have been released to blu-ray and  a new game has been released. So let’s take a look at the game (a little late) and see if we finally have a Ghostbusters game worth playing…


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