PS3 Trophy List For Rock Band 3

More Rock Band? Please.

More Trophies for Rock Band? Extra Please!

A really long list of Bronze Trophies, and a few near impossible Silvers? Not sounding as good.

This is not a Trophy hunter’s game. Buy it because you like rhythm games.

Also… some trophies REQUIRE a keyboard, and others REQUIRE the Pro Guitar. You know, the guitar that won’t be in stores for about another month.

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PS3 Trophy List For Dead Space: Ignition

Time to gear up for Dead Space 2 with a prequel title.

Hey, the animated feature, motion comics, and other tie-ins worked for the first game, so why not?

Not to mention, the Dead Space universe is pretty cool.

Oh yeah, and there’s Trophies.

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Trophy List: Ratchet And Clank Future: A Crack In Time

RACFFound a List for this upcoming title. There are 17 of the trophies that are hidden and unknown still and we will get hem updated as soon as we figure out what they are. Check the other side for the list.
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Trophy List: Trine (PSN)

TrineIn two days a PSN title launches and this one has a Platinum Trophy.  Check the other side for the list.

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PS3 Trophy List and Tips: .detuned

Is it a game? Is it art?

Regardless, it’s the easiest ten Trophies you’ll ever get.

Full list with instructions on how to get all the bling is inside.

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PS3 Trophy List: Operation Flashpoint – Dragon Rising


Just got my hands on a review copy, so I’ll let y’all know what I think shortly.

In the meantime, you can find the complete list of Trophies inside.

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PS3 Trophy List: Fairytale Fights


Wickedly violent and terminally cute, Fairytale Fights won our hearts when we saw the game at E3.

The game hits shelves in North America on October 27. Until then, we’ll just have to amuse ourselves with the Trophy List inside.

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