In Case You Missed It: Masters of Horror – Fair Haired Child

It’s that time of year again!

When all you want is something to freak you out and make you want to sleep with all the lights on.

Grab your popcorn and get ready to find the most frightening movies you’ll every see.

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E3 Preview: Heroes Of Telara

Going into E3, I had plenty on my plate to play and see. At 4pm on Tuesday, I headed to an appointment with Trion, to see what they brought to the show.

Lets just say you NEED to check the other side to see the images and trailer for Trion’s game Heroes Of Telara.
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E3 2009: B.O.M.B. Gets Hands-On With Beatles Rock Band

With all these video features, we’ll be doing full articles.

Just thought you might want to check out the video as soon as possible.

Here’s a clip of five Bastards playing Beatles Rock Band.

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Dead Space Extraction Wii – Preview


Here is one of the games I have been waiting for, and we are going to have to wait a little bit longer still. Dead Space Extraction for the Wii is scheduled to be released in September of this year.

Can you wait that long?

I have been intensely curious about this game and I got the chance to play it at E3.  If you want to know what I thought of the game check it out on the other side…

UPDATED – We now have almost 10 minutes of gameplay footage included in the story.


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E3 2009: Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Gameplay Footage

It’s a long game title, but a fairly short clips (about a minute and a half).

Brian gets some hands-on with LucasArts upcoming Star Wars game.

Video is inside.

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E3 2009: Exclusive Forza III Video

I got to sit down and make some quality time with Turn 10’s upcoming Forza III. It’s a full simulator with rumble seat, steering wheel, and 3 video screens.

It was fun… very fun.

Check the video inside.

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Home Video Review: Fanboys

FanboysI’ve seen the trailer for Fanboys on a lot of DVD releases lately.

Being a Star Wars nerd (and sometimes George Lucas apologist) I was intrigued, and I vowed to catch the movie at my earliest opportunity.

Not very long ago (yesterday) in a retail store a couple of miles from my house…

Full review inside.

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