1. Brian, (Wasn’t sure where to post, couldn’t find an email)

    My name is Kassy, I’m a friend of Josh’s, we met through Convergys. Josh told me that you guys have a studio-My Husband has been lookin for a place to lay down some tracks, We were wondering when you would be available-He has an open schedule but prefers to do it on a weekend. Please let us know when you are available asap.
    Thanks so much!=)

  2. I showed you the web site 😛 Best place is either the about BOMB page, or email 😛 I will wright it down and give it to you at work tomorrow.

  3. THanks Josh, can’ get mail to work..
    bah…so spamming here lol.
    I realized that I didn’t give means of contact.
    You can email me at
    or you can call 7123104841.s
    When it’s most convienent for you to go to the studio..let us know…Terrence could take a weekend with you..let me know.
    ty so much!!

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