PS3 Trophy List: Brutal Legend

As Eddie Riggs heavy metal roadie you will follow your destiny and use your guitar Clementine to raise an army, uncover relics, call forth his hot rod, and of course impress a girl.

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Game Review – Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Jumping, wall running, jumping some more, hanging off cliffs, swinging, dodging swinging axes, rolling under spinning blades, and scaling walls of various surface types, yes this is a Prince of Persia game. I have been told that this game follows the new movie but as I have yet to see the movie I cannot confirm this wild rumor. If its true then I don’t need to see the movie now and will never know for sure. (My daughter says “no the game is cooler than the movie” but I think she is just trying to get me to watch the movie to compare for myself.)

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E3: Sony Press Conference Overiew

Here is a over view of what we thought about the Sony Press Conference. This one is a little longer because we are Sony fans.

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E3 Video: Gears Of War 3 Trailer

This one is just another stone in the pond as far as I am concerned, but here is the trailer anyway.

E3 Video: Killzone 3 Trailer

This is one that if you listened to DMT you know I didn’t want to see at E3 and to know why I didn’t you need to listen to the episode. But here is the trailer for all you Killzone fans.

E3 Video: LEGO Star Wars 3 Trailer

legostarwarsThe next LEGO Star Wars game is coming in 2011! Check out the trailer for LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars. Click the link below to preorder from Amazon now.

Dead Space 2 Cover Art Released

Not much but awesome, today at 12 PST the Dead Space 2 facebook page put out the cover art so if you are not a fan of dead space on face book here they are.

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