PS3 Trophy List For Rock Band 3

More Rock Band? Please.

More Trophies for Rock Band? Extra Please!

A really long list of Bronze Trophies, and a few near impossible Silvers? Not sounding as good.

This is not a Trophy hunter’s game. Buy it because you like rhythm games.

Also… some trophies REQUIRE a keyboard, and others REQUIRE the Pro Guitar. You know, the guitar that won’t be in stores for about another month.

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PS3 Trophy List For Def Jam Rapstar

If you’re into the music, or just tired of Karaoke Revolution, this might interest you.

At the very least, there are a LOT of quick Bronze Trophies.

Who knows, it might be fun. You might want to pour out a 40, gat some poor sucka… or…

Eh, who am I kidding? I don’t get the culture. Just not cool enough.

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PS3 Trophy List: Brain Challenge

brain-challenge_featureLee gave us a review, but we never got a trophy list up. Better late than never, flip over to the other side to check out the trophy list for Brain Challenge available on the PSN.

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Game Review: Retro Game Challenge (Nintendo DS)

retrogamechallengeDo you remember the salad days of 8-bit gaming? Feeling the need to indulge in a nostalgic trip back to the era of cheat-codes and print magazines? Or maybe you just have a craving for Japanese game shows that don’t air on G4…

Retro Game Challenge aims to please all these audiences, but does it score a bullseye… or miss the mark entirely?

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Drunken Monkey Tech Podcast – Episode 70 Is Now Available!

Episode #70: Another King-Size episode of DMT! Topics include: Retro Game Challenge, Dead Rising on Wii, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, Eat Lead, Killzone 2, Bioshock, Jack Thompson’s ridiculous legislation in Utah (and his real motive), and a whole lot more. In our spoiler-filled aftershow, Hangover, we discuss (at length) That Game Company’s innovative PS3 title Flower.

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Ferrari Challenge Trophy List

I found the Ferrari Challenge Trophy list while I was checking out the LittleBigPlanet ones, so if you want to check this games list look at the other side.

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