Next Generation Playstation Portable Announced

Speculation has been running wild lately about a successor to Sony’s portable gaming platform, and today many of the rumors were laid to rest. Unfortunately, a few more questions were raised.

While not officially calling it ‘PSP 2’, the NGP or Next Generation Portable, was trotted out on a Tokyo stage with an army of developers and publishers backing it up.

Past the break, we’ll share the details as we know them.

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Opinion: Are Used Videogames Limiting Our Choices?

Online retailer Amazon recently announced that they were going to enter the used game business, effectively competing head-to-head with Gamestop and other ‘brick and mortar’ outlets.

While many consumers (myself included) hailed this as a win for cash strapped gamers in a tough economic climate, several publishers voiced their displeasure. Developers also weighed in with opposition to game rentals and trade-in programs.

I wanted to get clarification on exactly how much used game sales meant to the bottom line of retailers, publishers, and developers, as well as how anything that could be a cost saving for consumers could be considered bad.

I found that I didn’t really understand the situation at all, there were a lot of myths that had no basis in reality, and that when it came down to brass tacks… the consumer is losing.

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