E3 Video: Gears Of War 3 Trailer

This one is just another stone in the pond as far as I am concerned, but here is the trailer anyway.


Drunken Monkey Tech: 2008 Game Of The Year Awards

It’s the time of year when everyone sits down, gives their opinion on what they liked and what they didn’t… then gets flamed for it from fanboys.

Not to be left out of the party, we’re posting the results of our online poll and our own picks.

Agree or disagree, it’s what it is.

Get the full rundown inside.

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Gears Of War 2 Sells A Metric F***ton!

gears2I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise: Gears of War 2 has sold over 2 million units in less than a week.

That’s a whole lot of players stomping Locust faces, in case you hadn’t noticed. So MANY players in fact, that a new record for concurrent XBox Live players was reached (good job to Microsoft for keeping the service from buckling under the pressure).

A hearty congratulations to Epic on their success, Clifford and company appear to have a hit on their hands.

You can read Josh’s review of GOW2 here.