Rise Of The Triad Returns!


Okay, it’s not a new game for the latest hardware, but Good Old Games has released one my favorite First Person Shooters… ever. Insane twitch, insaner amounts of gore, and insanierest weapons. I have fond memories of Triad.

It’s funny, Brian and I were talking about this game the other day, wishing we could play it again… and voila!

GOG has slapped a $5.99 price tag on ROTT, and at that price, if it holds up at all after over a decade, it will be money well spent.

It’s unclear whether this version includes multiplayer or not (I’ll update when I find out), but rest assured, if I can launch a volley of Drunk Missiles at my brother over the interwebs, I’ll be buying this puppy.


DVD & Blu-ray Review: Friday The 13th – Parts 1 Through X

jasonboxsetWith the re-release of the original film on Blu-ray, the first home video release of Friday The 13th Part 3 in ACTUAL 3D, and the remake of the original film hitting theaters this week, I thought it might be interesting to look at each movie in the series, as well as some of the different versions available for home viewers.

Cuz’ I like Jason Voorhees… he makes me smile.

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