PS3 Trophy List For Rock Band 3

More Rock Band? Please.

More Trophies for Rock Band? Extra Please!

A really long list of Bronze Trophies, and a few near impossible Silvers? Not sounding as good.

This is not a Trophy hunter’s game. Buy it because you like rhythm games.

Also… some trophies REQUIRE a keyboard, and others REQUIRE the Pro Guitar. You know, the guitar that won’t be in stores for about another month.

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Game Review – The Beatles: Rock Band


Harmonix, EA, and MTV Games decided to skip an annual iteration of their Rock Band franchise this year, instead concentrating on a game focused on the most successful band in history.

Is this just a song pack for Rock Band 2, or maybe something more…

Find out after the break.

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Game Review: Guitar Hero 5

gh5The last few Guitar Hero titles have left me angry.

In fact, I’ve felt so strongly about these games that if Guitar Hero 5 doesn’t fix some fundamental problems, it will be the last installment in the series that I review.

Jump inside to read the review, and find out if I’ll be signing up for Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

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Video Game Releases For 9-01-09

Instead of giving you an endless stream of shovelware being released on any given week, we’re going to pare down the list a little.

Inside you’ll find a listing of all NOTABLE video game releases this week.

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PS3 Trophy List: Guitar Hero Smash Hits

While I wasn’t that impressed with the game, if you picked it up, you need to know what Trophies are available.

Some of this bling is amazingly hard to get, so don’t forget to do warm-up exercises, and eat your Wheaties.

Full Trophy List is inside.

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Game Review: Guitar Hero Smash Hits

ghshMy past experience with the Guitar Hero franchise has been… complicated.

Activision/Red Octane/Neversoft have just released Guitar Hero Smash Hits, a compilation of some of the best music from earlier guitar-only games, but with Guitar Hero World Tour mechanics and parts for guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

Is the music selection alone enough to change my mind about the franchise?

Find out inside.

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New Video Game Releases For 6-16-09

Ghostbusters and early Guitar Hero revisited… this week, everything old is new again.

Check the full list of game releases on all major platforms inside.

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