Game Of The Year Awards 2010

Over the last month we’ve spent a lot of time catching up on titles we missed, taking notes, and debating the virtues of our favorite titles.

It all culminates in our annual list of worthy titles.

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Lord of the Rings: Conquest Trophy List


Having reviewed this recently, I thought I’d toss up a trophy list for Lord of the Rings: Conquest. Trophies are fairly easy to get if you’re focusing on them instead of the game (other than, of course, the trophies for beating the levels/campaigns). It also helps to decrease the difficulty on these as none of them are difficulty specific.

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Game Review – Lord of the Rings: Conquest

lotr_conquest_logo I recently checked out Lord of the Rings: Conquest on the PS3. Want to know what I thought? Flip over to the other side to find out.

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Lord Of The Rings Online: Mines Of Moria Trailer

Just a quick heads up for all you MMOers out there, hit LOTRO for some images, and checkout the other side for the Trailer.

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