Game Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

XMOW Movie Logo (lo.res)Oh no its another game spawned from a movie, RUN!  Ok, don’t really run.  But do you want to know if this game was any good, or at least better than the crap that was the movie? Find out on the other side.

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Dragon Age: Origins Coming To A Table-Top Near You

Those Canadian Doctors are at it again.

BioWare is feverishly working to finish Dragon Age: Origins, but they took time out to let everyone know that they’re teaming up with Green Ronin to create a ‘pen and paper’ RPG based in the same world.

Dr. Ray Muzyka, CEO of BioWare:

We’re delighted to be working with Green Ronin to explore more of the Dragon Age universe through a pen and paper role-playing game. We’re excited to deliver Dragon Age’s unique dark, heroic fantasy to our audience in a brand new way – a perfect complement to the landmark game we’re launching on PC, Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 this fall.

If we can find a co-host for Josh that won’t explode, disappear, or  enter Witness Protection, maybe we can get some coverage of the game on the Saving Throw podcast.

Dragon Age is scheduled to launch this fall on PC, XBOX 360, and PS3.

No date was given for the Green Ronin RPG, but we’ll keep digging.

New Video Game Releases For 4-28-09

Movie tie-ins, horse games, and DS shovelware.

We are well and truly entrenched in the Spring Video Game Drought.

Give your wallet a break, catch up on some old games you may have missed, you may want to sit this one out.

Full list of game releases on all major platforms inside.

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PS3 Trophy List: X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Movie games typically suck.

I know this, you know this, developers know this… EVERYBODY knows this.

There’s a lot of buzz around this game though, and it just might be worth playing.

Regardless, the Trophy List is inside (there are SPOILERS).

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