PS3 Trophy List For Dead Space: Ignition

Time to gear up for Dead Space 2 with a prequel title.

Hey, the animated feature, motion comics, and other tie-ins worked for the first game, so why not?

Not to mention, the Dead Space universe is pretty cool.

Oh yeah, and there’s Trophies.

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PS3 Trophy List For Def Jam Rapstar

If you’re into the music, or just tired of Karaoke Revolution, this might interest you.

At the very least, there are a LOT of quick Bronze Trophies.

Who knows, it might be fun. You might want to pour out a 40, gat some poor sucka… or…

Eh, who am I kidding? I don’t get the culture. Just not cool enough.

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Hardware Review: Zune 120GB MP3/Video Player

zuneAn MP3 player is like a relationship.

You may go through a few that break down or get lost immediately. When you get one that works the way you like, you hold onto it, take care of it, and hope it lasts a lifetime.

My Creative Labs Zen Vision:M (30GB) recently passed away after a 4 year relationship.

I was beside myself, but determined to go on with my life.

My first blind date after returning to the MP3 player scene was with the Microsoft Zune 120GB.

Did I find a new keeper, or did I kick it to the curb?

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