Gran Turismo 5: Will It Be Worth The Wait?

GT5BoxLet me make this clear: I have no ties to Sony Computer Entertainment, I’m not getting a free review copy of the game, and I will not be receiving compensation of any sort for this preview… or the subsequent review when the game is released.

I’m just a guy who really likes racing and racing games.

My current favorite racing titles? Need For Speed: Shift and Forza Motorsports 2 (Forza 3 didn’t really do it for me).

That being said, the combination of being a racing fan and writing game reviews has come with a penalty; the eternal wait for Gran Turismo 5 has been unbearable.

With a firm release date of November 2, 2010 the wait may finally be over.

Has the development cycle been so long that the game has stagnated, been passed by other franchises in design and performance, that it will release with a whimper and a groan?

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E3 Preview: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

Ratchet LogoFor those who don’t know, I’m a big fan of Ratchet & Clank. I was really excited to be able to get some hands on time with the new Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, scheduled to hit stores this fall. So did it live up to its predecessors? Keep reading to find out more.

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E3 Preview: Heroes Of Telara

Going into E3, I had plenty on my plate to play and see. At 4pm on Tuesday, I headed to an appointment with Trion, to see what they brought to the show.

Lets just say you NEED to check the other side to see the images and trailer for Trion’s game Heroes Of Telara.
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E3 2009: B.O.M.B. Gets Hands-On With Beatles Rock Band

With all these video features, we’ll be doing full articles.

Just thought you might want to check out the video as soon as possible.

Here’s a clip of five Bastards playing Beatles Rock Band.

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E3 2009: Star Wars Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Gameplay Footage

It’s a long game title, but a fairly short clips (about a minute and a half).

Brian gets some hands-on with LucasArts upcoming Star Wars game.

Video is inside.

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E3 2009: Exclusive Forza III Video

I got to sit down and make some quality time with Turn 10’s upcoming Forza III. It’s a full simulator with rumble seat, steering wheel, and 3 video screens.

It was fun… very fun.

Check the video inside.

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What's New with Telltale Games

Lynn, TJ, and I got to sit down with Telltale Games on Day 2 of our E3 adventure. For those who may not know, Telltale Games is the company behind the Sam & Max, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, and Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventure game series. Flip over to the other side to read more on what’s new with Telltale Games.

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