Next Generation Playstation Portable Announced

Speculation has been running wild lately about a successor to Sony’s portable gaming platform, and today many of the rumors were laid to rest. Unfortunately, a few more questions were raised.

While not officially calling it ‘PSP 2’, the NGP or Next Generation Portable, was trotted out on a Tokyo stage with an army of developers and publishers backing it up.

Past the break, we’ll share the details as we know them.

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Microsoft E3 2009 Press Conference – The Rundown

After the hoopla, you can find out everything MS covered in their press conference.

It’s all inside.

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Video Game Releases For 4-14-09

A tumbleweed drifts across a deserted street…

Then it rolls past the break, into our list of games releasing this week.

It’s still pretty lonely…

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New Video Game Releases For 3-31-09

I’m trying to remember a week in recent memory where there was a similar amount of nothing being released. Must be the wrapup from GDC, with publishers and developers being too busy to release anything.

Unless you’re a pre-pubescent girl with a Nintendo DS. In that case, there’s ALWAYS something new for you. I can’t wait for these games to mature and we get ‘Imagine: High School Social Outcast’ and ‘My Secret Dressup Shame’.

Complete list of this week’s releases after the break.


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Notable DVD And Blu-ray Releases For 2-3-09

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but looking at this week’s release list… man, I’m going to be so broke.f13th3d

It seems like movie studios have decided to unleash all the movies and TV series that I obsess over, on the SAME DAY.

Think it’s going to be a love fest? Think again.

I’ve included a generous helping of snarky comments; it’s my modus operandi.

Get the list of NOTABLE home video releases for this week inside.

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Notable DVD And Blu-Ray Releases For 9-30-08

Finally, a week that has some interesting new titles.

What will I be buying?

Find out inside.

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Game Releases For 09/22/08 – 09/28/08

And the list keeps getting longer and longer, check out the other side.
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