Game Review: Rock Band 3

It’s hard enough to find a game sequel that is dramatically better than the original, and even more difficult to find a third installment that’s even better.

Maybe that’s why I was prepared for disappointment with Rock Band 3.

Hopeful? Yes, but I was also ready to be let down.

Fortunately, in all the ways that matter, Rock Band 3 is better than it’s predecessors, and if you’ll pardon the pun (if you play the game, you’ll understand) it delivers in Spades.

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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Controller Revealed

With all the legal wrangling between Activision and Genius Products (if you haven’t heard about it, you need to listen to more Drunken Monkey Tech) I was pleasantly surprised to see that Genius and hardware manufacturer Numark are showing off their DJ controller for PS3 and XBox 360.

It features a ‘vinyl feeling’ turntable, five ‘drum pad’ buttons, cross-fader, and can be used right or left handed.

It also allows the use of pre-made or user generated samples (using a USB microphone).

Overall, I think it’s looking pretty sweet. Let’s hope the game is as good.

Pics of the turntable are inside.

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Game Review: Rock Revolution

rrdrumkit_thOnce upon a time, Konami was the King of music rhythm games. Nobody else released them, and they did well.

Along came Harmonix, Red Octane, EA and Activision, and the evolution of the genre accelerated out of control. Gameplay was fine tuned and the overall experience was distilled to high octane fun.

After years of staying out of the fray, Konami throws their hat back into the music game with Rock Revolution.

What did I think? Read the review.

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In Case You Missed It: FreQuency & Amplitude (PS2)


Before Rock Band…  Before Guitar Hero… There was Amplitude.

And it was a sequel.

Seeing information coming out concerning Rock Band Unplugged on PSP, with each new tidbit, it appears to be a spiritual successor to Harmonix’ earlier games. And this isn’t a bad thing.

More after the break.

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Review: Blockhead Rhythm Maker Bass Pedal For Rock Band


Breaking Rock Band pedals has become a way of life for me.

Always looking for the Ultimate Replacement Unit, I found an inexpensive and intriguing third-party solution from Blockhead.

Did it survive my (admittedly brutal) thrashing?

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Rock Band 2 Vs. Guitar Hero: World Tour – Drum Comparison

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