Game Review: Rock Band 3

It’s hard enough to find a game sequel that is dramatically better than the original, and even more difficult to find a third installment that’s even better.

Maybe that’s why I was prepared for disappointment with Rock Band 3.

Hopeful? Yes, but I was also ready to be let down.

Fortunately, in all the ways that matter, Rock Band 3 is better than it’s predecessors, and if you’ll pardon the pun (if you play the game, you’ll understand) it delivers in Spades.

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PS3 Trophy List For Rock Band 3

More Rock Band? Please.

More Trophies for Rock Band? Extra Please!

A really long list of Bronze Trophies, and a few near impossible Silvers? Not sounding as good.

This is not a Trophy hunter’s game. Buy it because you like rhythm games.

Also… some trophies REQUIRE a keyboard, and others REQUIRE the Pro Guitar. You know, the guitar that won’t be in stores for about another month.

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Rock Band Unplugged Setlist Revealed

Giving credit (and a link) where it’s due, Joystiq just dropped the complete setlist for the upcoming PSP version of Rock Band.

I won’t repeat what they’ve already posted, but I DID notice two things:

1. There’s a lot of repeat tracks from Rock Band 1 and 2.
2. The songs that aren’t on the console versions of Rock Band appear to be coming soon as DLC.

Songs notable tracks that are coming to PS3/Wii/XBox360:

Audioslave – Gasoline
3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
Alice In Chains – Would?
Jackson Five – ABC

Shake your browser over to Joystiq for the complete track list: Rock Band Unplugged: Full track list & DLC revealed