Next Generation Playstation Portable Announced

Speculation has been running wild lately about a successor to Sony’s portable gaming platform, and today many of the rumors were laid to rest. Unfortunately, a few more questions were raised.

While not officially calling it ‘PSP 2’, the NGP or Next Generation Portable, was trotted out on a Tokyo stage with an army of developers and publishers backing it up.

Past the break, we’ll share the details as we know them.

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SingStar PS3 Patch Is Live!

See what happens when I go to my day job? I have to make a quick post from my phone, and I can’t enjoy the benefits of being near a console.

I’m getting multiple reports that the SingStar patch is live, including Trophy Support and voice control.

Full details inside.

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Mahjong Tales Getting Mouse Support


In the continuing parade of info about upcoming patches and DLC for PSN games, Mahjon Tales: Ancient Wisdom is also getting a boatload of new features and content.

An upcoming patch will add mouse support and some new Trophies, and an impending ‘Booster Pack’ will add 25 new layouts in Infinity mode, and a level editor.

What’s with all the community content options we’re getting? Not that I’m complaining, I’m just wondering who I need to thank.

SingStar PS3 Gets Trophy Patch Tomorrow!


[UPDATE] Got the news late last night that due to unforeseen difficulties the patch is being delayed until April 22. So, we get to wait another week. <sigh>

You’ve seen the Trophy List, and now we know when you’ll be able to start unlocking the bling: tomorrow next Thursday.

Having had the surreal experience of watching BOMBLynn work her way through SingStar ABBA just last week, I’ve been feeling the need to go back and play the original (you know, with songs I like). Think I’ll use it as an opportunity to build a Trophy Guide for the game.

Thursday’s update is closer than you think Next week’s update is a long time to wait, so dust off the microphones, crank the volume, and prepare to annoy the neighbors once again.

SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Patch Dated… Trophy List Available!

I dunno whether to be happy that it’s finally coming together, angry that it took so long, or just forget about it.

Regardless, Slant Six is saying that version 1.30 is coming on January 12th, will fix nearly all problems (hey, I’ll believe it when I see it), and will include trophy support.

We got the full trophy list¬†from PS3Fanboy¬†(giving credit where it’s due).

Check inside… and despair.

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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Trophies List!

If you’re a Mortal Kombat fan, or a DC Universe fan, you’re probably all kinds of psyched for this game.

Me? Neither is my cup of tea (you’ll be glad to know, I’m not on the review for it).

If you’re curious what trophies are going to be available, we have the list inside.

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PS3 Trophy List Re-Organization

Taking a look at the traffic we’re getting for gamers trying to find lists of Trophies for their favorite PS3 titles, I realized we didn’t have a central location for them.

I fixed that.

If you glance over to the right, under ‘Categories’, I’ve added an entry called ‘-PS3 Trophy List-‘. I used the hyphens so that it always appears on top.

Check it out for an easy-to-read list of games supporting trophies and what you have to put yourself through to get them.