Game Review: Wolfenstein (PS3/XBox360)

Wolfenstein BoxI remember the first time I loaded ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ onto my 386 and started playing.

‘It’s in 3D! It’s like I’m actually there!’

It certainly wasn’t ‘Escape From Castle Wolfenstein’ on my Commodore 64.

The series has been around for a lot of hardware changes, and has created a few genre evolutions along the way.

Get the full review of the latest installment inside.

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ZeniMax Media Acquires id Software

This came as a huge surpriseĀ  but today ZeniMax Media IncĀ announced today that it has completed the acquisition of id Software.

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PS3 Trophy List: Wolfenstein 3D

wolftrophyIt’s retro! It’s pixelated! It has Trophies.

The list is inside.

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