God Of War III And MAG Coming This Year?


Seeing this being bounced around several other sites, and just thought I’d inject a little cynicism.

Apparently Sony PR is promising God of War III AND MAG (Massive Action Game) by the end of the year. They have also said that solid release dates will be announced at E3.

This news was slipped quietly into a press release for the impending Killzone 2 launch.


Sony, I dig your console… it rocks. I spend more time with your machine than all it’s competitors combined.

That being said, can you PLEASE shut the f**k up about when you’re going to release things until you can get them working properly?

Read the entire rant inside.

Seriously, how about that launch window for SOCOM: Confrontation? Anyone using Home lately? Must you be reminded that LittleBigPlanet was delayed (several times) and if you hadn’t promised it, nobody would have noticed. Instead you got eaten alive in the arena of public opinion.

How many times do you have to rush a product to live up to a promise, then send it off to die when it’s not ready? I want a GOOD Kratos game… I want MAG to be something that I CAN play, and that I WANT to play. I was already worried about MAG after the debacle surrounding SOCOM. It’s an ambitious project. Promising something this far out, and knowing how prideful you can be… my doubts are growing further.

When you make statements like this, you’re painted into a corner. Either you miss the target date and look like a bunch of incompetent chuckleheads, or you hit the target date and look like a bunch of incompetent chuckleheads.

Just stop it. Just… stop… it…

BAD console manufacturer… BAD! Go to your room.



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